preventative medicine

preventative medicine

Those who welcome a pet into their homes know the importance that they play in their lives. And just like people, pets can develop a variety of healthcare problems as well. At the same time, many of these problems can be prevented with proper preventative medicine. It is important for pet owners to know what is covered at a preventative medicine visit and why these visits are an essential part of a pet owner's responsibility. That is why we at The Vet In Springboro are here to make sure everyone has access to a trained veterinarian in Springboro, OH.

What Happens at a Preventative Medicine Visit

At a preventative medicine visit at The Vet In Springboro there are going to be a number of different steps. We are here to answer any of your questions, whether you are a new pet owner, or a seasoned pet parent, this is your opportunity to ask a trained vet for help. We also educate pet owners about diet, weight, and nutrition. After this, a thorough physical exam will be completed, along with taking your pet's vital signs. If anything needs to be addressed, it will happen at this time. Of course, at The Vet In Springboro, we also always prioritize shots and vaccines as preventative care. If any need to be given, we will let our families know ahead of time.

The Benefits of a Visit for Preventative Medicine

While these visits might seem straightforward, there are a few reasons why they are so important. First, they give the vet a chance to detect potential medical problems before they start to cause symptoms. This can save lives. Next, they also give pet owners a chance to ask questions of the vet directly. Too often, this opportunity is missed. Finally, these visits also help to keep not only the pet but everyone else in the home safe from harm. This is where vaccines are so important, they can help keep your pet from obtaining or transmitting harmful viruses. Make sure that all pets get their annual checkup performed on time every year. They are a critical part of a pet's health.

Rely on the Team from The Vet In Springboro

At The Vet In Springboro, it is our duty to make sure that every pet in the local area has access to the care that he or she requires. Preventative medicine can detect a number of significant issues before they start to cause symptoms. They might even save a pet's life. Of course, at The Vet In Springboro, we offer acute care services to the people of Springboro, OH as well. To learn more about how we can help you, please call us today, at (937) 748-6363, to schedule an appointment.

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