nutritional counseling

Nutritional Counseling from The Vet in Springboro

How well is your pet eating? He may seem perfectly happy to chow down on his everyday meals, but that doesn't necessarily mean that he's getting balanced nutrition in the right portion sizes. Even small excesses or insufficiencies can have a negative impact on an animal's long-term well-being. Here at the Vet in Springboro, our Springboro, OH, veterinarian can provide nutritional counseling, enabling you to give your pet exactly what his body requires for a long and healthy life.

nutritional counseling

Proper Nutrition and Your Pet

Every species of animal has its own specific nutritional needs, which is why your cat shouldn't eat dog food or vice-versa. Dogs can get their sustenance from a variety of food sources, partly because their bodies are good at manufacturing the necessary amino acids and vitamins. By contrast, cats' bodies cannot make all the amino acids they need for good health. As a result, they are carnivores who must get those nutrients from the flesh of other animals.

Even within the same species, different animals may have dramatically different dietary requirements. A rapidly-growing puppy, for instance, needs to eat several meals a day to get the calories and protein he needs. An average, active adult pet might do well on just two modest meals per day. A sedentary senior pet, however, may run the risk of obesity if he keeps eating as he did in his younger days. Obesity is a dangerous condition that can promote diabetes, high blood pressure, organ failure, joint degeneration, and cancer.

Last, but not least, certain animals have health conditions that may affect what they can or should eat. For instance, a pet with high blood pressure or kidney disease should avoid excess sodium, while another pet may suffer from specific food allergies. Many foods enjoyed by humans are toxic to pets.

Evaluations and Guidance from Our Veterinarian in Springboro

Our veterinarian in Springboro, OH, Dr. Arabella Callejo, can check your pet's weight and health during an annual wellness exam. If we detect a health problem, we may recommend specific types of diet, ranging from hypoallergenic formulas to foods created specifically for diabetic animals. Obesity may be addressed by changing your pet's feeding schedule, portion sizes, and/or activity level. We're happy to answer all your questions and help you choose the right foods or supplements for your best friend.

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