At The Vet In Springboro, our family of pets and pet parents is growing and thriving!

Are you dedicated, happy, and hardworking? Are you an animal advocate and champion? Would you like to join our incredible team and work at the best vet in Springboro?

Everyone at TVIS is vital to our mission: to help pets. Everyone at TVIS is responsible for the following:

  • Providing the best care, compassion, and service

  • Getting to know pets and pet parents as individuals

  • Striving to establish strong, long-lasting relationships with pets and pet parents

  • Establishing trust and good communication

  • Creating happy visits

  • Sharing joy and celebration in good times

  • Offering solace and comfort in times of pain

  • Holding pets’ lives in our hands

  • Coming to TVIS every day ready, willing, and able to help even more pets

When you apply, please keep in mind:

  • Helping pets must be your mission. We are a busy Clinic. On any given day, we provide wellness care, treatment for sick or injured pets, quality of life consultations, surgery, dentistry, so on and so forth. We treat each pet as unique and a priority and always offer the best care. We educate pet parents to help them make the best decisions for their pets, without judgment.

  • We practice the highest standards of veterinary care, compassion, and service. At The Vet In Springboro, we expect team members to be professional, respectful, and kind to our patients, pet parents, and each other at all times, even and especially in difficult or stressful circumstances.

  • First impressions count, especially for an interview! Dress professionally, be on time, and be prepared.

  • Be flexible and willing to wear different hats. At TVIS, everyone is willing to step up to support the team, even with things outside the literal job description.

  • A positive attitude goes a long way! We are a happy team, and we go above and beyond to give pets and pet parents happy visits. We promise to give the TVIS family our very best and expect everyone at TVIS to deliver on that promise.

Are you ready to join the TVIS team? Please take a look at our positions. To apply, you must follow all instructions exactly.

Client Care Coordinator

Client care coordinators are the happy, welcoming voices and faces of TVIS! You are an essential part of ensuring everyone who calls us or walks through our doors, even in difficult circumstances, has an amazing experience here.

Your role: You will ensure our appointment book is full and scheduled correctly. You will schedule visits of all kinds, gather important and pertinent information, and manage patient records. You will help maintain a smooth flow of incoming and outgoing patients and ensure all payments are received and processed properly.

Yet being a client care coordinator is so much bigger and better than that! Our CCCs love helping and spoiling each unique pet, and they treat each pet parent as a priority and friend. They work brilliantly under pressure: constantly managing, encouraging, and facilitating exemplary communication and care, both on the phone and in person, with and between pet parents and team members alike. To run our front desk effectively and efficiently, you must be able to multitask, stay organized, be patient and positive, establish camaraderie, and communicate kindly and thoroughly at all times.

CCCs are also tasked with helping promote The Vet In Springboro, especially to potential clients, by always embodying the warm, friendly, family feel on which we have built a stellar reputation.

Please submit your resume below.

Veterinary Assistant

Vet assistants are a vital bridge between our pet parents, team, and veterinarians. Especially as we grow, vet assistants are key to effective, efficient care—so we can continue to provide the highest quality of medicine to even more pets.

Your role: You will assist our veterinarians in all manner of expert care. You will treat each patient as an important individual and educate each pet parent on our recommendations for the best care. You must maintain strong, ethical, and kind communication at all times with and between pet parents, team members, and veterinarians.

You will help create happy visits through gentle handling, treats, love, and a low-stress environment. You will help ensure pet parents are happy with their TVIS experience. You will always go above and beyond to help and be compassionate.

You will help provide the best preventative medicine and treatment for both healthy and sick pets. You will prepare and perform procedures such as lab work, vaccines, various treatments, and radiographs as appropriate. Depending on your level of skill, experience, and expertise, you may also be responsible for drawing blood, assisting with surgery, and monitoring anesthetic procedures.

Experience is a must. If you have some of the above experience and would like to grow with us, we encourage and actively support a strong desire to learn and build on your skills and knowledge.

Please submit your resume below.

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