Reasons for Pet Ear Surgery

February 28, 2021

Chronic ear infections or chronic otitis can be quite challenging to eliminate. The condition can cause your pet to be in so much pain, which can be frustrating for you and the pet. If your pet has acute infections, the appropriate treatment can cure or reduce the condition for a while. However, if the underlying issues are not solved, the medication may not work. Even worse, the pet could become resistant to the antibiotics for using them too much.


In most cases, the underlying reason for chronic infections is allergies. Allergies can lead to ear inflammation and eventually cause the rupture of eardrums and debris accumulation in the middle of the ear. If not treated at this point, the canals are blocked, preventing wax and hair from being shed. This can be very bad and may even cause hearing problems.


For that reason, your veterinarian may recommend a pet ear surgery for your furry friend, commonly known as Total Ear Canal Ablation (TECA).


What Is TECA?


TECA is a procedure that involves removing the diseased ear canal without touching the ear flap. Any abnormalities that may form in the middle of the ear are also removed through this procedure.


In most cases, a veterinary surgeon performs the surgery, and in some cases, a specialist may perform it.


What Is the Importance of TECA Procedure?


Most pet owners are skeptical about pet ear surgery either due to fear of the procedure’s pain or side effects. But, the constant medication, chronic pus, and pain are much worse than the TECA procedure.


If the ear infection is severe, you’ll find that there’s a large amount of debris and hair in the ear. That could be the reason why medicines fail to work. So, all treatments could be in vain without the surgery since the infection gets resistant to the antibiotics after several treatments.


Typically, pet ear surgery can help with the following:

  • Eliminate the constant pain and odor from the ear

  • Reduce cost by eliminating the use of short-term medication that involves going to the veterinarian now and then

  • Get a permanent solution to ear infections

  • Improve your relationship with your pet since you can now play and have fun together without fearing the pain and bad smell

  • Improve your pet’s general well-being and attitude


Before the surgery, your veterinarian can request a series of blood tests in order to determine the best and appropriate anesthesia for your pet. That is very helpful because it makes the procedure painless and effective.


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