Preventing Fleas and Ticks in Dogs

May 14, 2021

As flea and tick season checks in, it is important to think about your pet’s comfort. Nothing is more annoying to a dog than the pesky insects. Any dog owner should realize that the soft fur and warm body offer an attractive home for parasites. The moment the pests find their abode on the dog, they begin to feed on the animal’s blood. This can result in a wide range of health issues ranging from skin conditions to Lyme disease. Fortunately, there are effective ways to prevent fleas and ticks in dogs.


Topical Treatments


If you live in an area near tall grass or where your dog gets in contact with other dogs, you should protect your pet. One way to do this is using topical ointments available as vials of liquid that contain chemicals. The chemicals are absorbed into the dog’s skin and are released into the fur.

The product is applied to the skin before it naturally spreads throughout the entire coat. Some ointments are waterproof, which makes them ideal for dogs that love water. There are some topical ointments that kill ticks and fleas on contact, while others kill and repel the pests.


Flea and Tick Sprays


Sprays are useful for those who do not use preventive solutions regularly. They are also ideal for those who want to complement other solutions. The sprays have the benefit of being inexpensive. Those who occasionally board their dog can spray the animal before or after they get home. Kill-on-contact sprays can be applied as a preventive measure before a trip or a romp out in the woods. Simply spraying the dog will help to keep away the parasites.


Using Special Shampoos


Special shampoos can be used effectively to prevent fleas and ticks. People who occasionally board their dog will find it helpful to have this shampoo. Giving the dog a bath using shampoo works quite well to get rid of any pests. It is important to know that not all dog shampoos kill pests. Look for products that are formulated for this purpose. Talk to your veterinarian about the best products in the market.


Oral Medications


There are different types of oral medications that can help to kill fleas and ticks. The medications get into the bloodstream, making it fatal for any pests that bite. The medications work quickly immediately after being administered orally.

Other medications make the dog less attractive to the parasites, which keeps them away. They contain ingredients that change the animal’s natural odor, repelling the pests. This means that fleas and ticks will not come near the dog.


Using Special Collars


There are flea collars that help to kill fleas that come into contact with the dog. The collars contain chemicals that are absorbed into the dog’s skin. The chemicals are emitted by the oil glands killing fleas and ticks. Some collars have natural tick and flea repelling ingredients. The hypoallergenic collars contain plant-based ingredients that are natural pest repellents. Some collars also repel mosquitoes.

Always read the label before you use any tick and flea products on your pet. There are different products that are created to address specific needs. Do not use products made for cats to treat your dog.

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