Importance of Nutritional Counseling for Pets

April 30, 2021

There are lots of things to think about when you choose to become the parent of a new pet, not least what they will eat. Our pet’s food is just as important to their health and wellbeing as ours is to us. However, our animals don’t have the choice about what to eat and instead must take what they are given. This means that they are relying on us to choose the right balance of nutrition to keep them healthy.


With so many diets and different foods to choose from, trying to decide what you should feed your pet can be stressful and a little overwhelming. Nutritional counseling can help you to understand what your pet should be eating to stay happy and healthy.


Here are some of the reasons why nutritional counseling is important.  


Your pet’s nutritional needs will change as they age

Much like humans, the dietary requirements of animals also change as they develop and mature, and it’s important to alter their diet to reflect both the type of nutrition that they need, and the portion sizes required to get them enough of the essential vitamins and minerals required to help them remain healthy and active.

For example, infant pets usually need a high-calorie diet to help them grow and develop. As adults, their diet should reflect their size and activity levels, helping them to keep their weight stable. If your pet becomes pregnant, she will need additional nutrients to sustain her and her babies during pregnancy and nursing. And when pets reach their senior years, they may be at greater risk of health problems, as well as gaining weight, so their diet will need to be adjusted again. Your nutritional counselor can guide you to choosing the right diet and frequency of feeding based on the individual needs of your animal.


Make sure you are feeding your pet the right amount

Portion control is something many of us struggle within our own diets, never mind our pets. Overfeeding animals is one of the most common mistakes that pet owners make. No owner wants their four-legged friend to go hungry but overfeeding swiftly leads to weight gain and associated problems. A veterinary nutritional counselor can help you to understand just how much your pet should be eating each day and help you to create a diet that allows for enough food and occasional treats, without pushing their calorie intake too high.


If your pet has health problems, changing their diet could help

Just like us, our pets rely heavily on getting the right nutrition to remain healthy. Some health conditions actually benefit from getting specific vitamins and minerals. For example, animals that suffer from kidney disease are generally recommended to follow a diet that is low in phosphorous and protein. This is because less phosphorous is thought to slow the disease, while less protein helps to reduce the build-up of waste products, helping to eliminate stress on the kidneys. A few simple changes to your pet’s diet, or the addition of certain supplements, could make a big difference to their overall health and wellbeing.


Nutritional counseling could help your pet to live longer

Studies have shown that feeding your pet the right quality and quantity of food could actually extend their lifespan. Too much food leads to weight gain and a range of chronic health issues like diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and organ failure. Meanwhile, too little could make your pet weak, sickly, and malnourished. Your vetinerary nutritional counselor will help you to find the optimal nutritional balance needed to ensure your pet enjoys a long, happy life.


For more information about nutritional counseling for pets, please speak to our expert veterinary team today by calling The Vet in Springboro in Springboro, Ohio at 937-748-6363 to schedule an appointment.

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