Allergies in Pets

February 28, 2020

Allergies in Pets

Pets can suffer from allergies just like people. The symptoms of allergies are caused by the body viewing the allergen as a danger, which causes the immune system to react. If you suspect your pet has allergies in Springboro, OH, contact The Vet In Springboro.

Types of Allergies

There are three main types of allergies in pets. These are flea, food, and environmental allergy. The different types of allergies have different triggers and symptoms.

Allergic Dermatitis

Flea allergy causes a skin reaction, also known as allergic dermatitis. Your pet will scratch, and the skin may become red and swollen. With severe cases, the skin will develop sores or scab over. The most common area for flea allergy is the base of the tail, but it can develop anywhere your pet is experiencing flea bites.

Food allergies can cause a skin reaction as well. Your pet will often experience gastrointestinal symptoms as well if food allergies are the culprit. Environmental allergies may also cause itching. These allergies are often seasonal and occur because your pet comes into contact with something they are allergic to. Pollen, dust, and mold are the most common environmental allergens.

Sinus Symptoms

Just like humans, pets can develop a runny nose, sneezing, and itchy eyes from allergies. Often, an animal's ears will itch as well. Chronic ear infections are another sign of allergies in pets. These symptoms are usually caused by environmental allergens, but food allergies may cause them in rare instances as well.

Anaphylactic Shock

Most pet allergies will make your pets uncomfortable but are far from an emergency. However, anaphylactic shock is life-threatening. It is caused by a very severe allergic reaction. Bee stings are the most common culprit for an anaphylactic shock in pets. If your pets' faces swell severely, they have trouble breathing or develop severe skin reactions, you should take them to the veterinarian immediately.

Most pet allergies aren't serious and can be treated with lifestyle changes and medication if needed. However, you'll need to visit our veterinarian in Springboro, OH, to find out what your pets are allergic to and what the best course of treatment is. If you suspect your pet has allergies, visit us at The Vet In Springboro. Give us a call at (937) 748-6363 to learn more.

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